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Starts Monday, Jan 13th

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Presented by
Presented by
Personal Trainer
The challenge includes...
8 weeks of education and weekly challenges to help you build a diet that suits your lifestyle and you enjoy following!
10 weeks of daily access to a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer through a private faceook group.  We'll be there to answer your questions and keep you accountable!
Daily emails to further educate and motivate you during the entire journey.
1 on 1 nutrition consultations and personalised meal plans for those who choose that package.
Burn Fat Sustainably
Understand Your Eating Behaviours
Become a Nutrition Wiz for Life
Here's What You'll Learn in the Challenge
Education & Preparation
You'll learn why short-term diets not only sucks, but don't work.  There'll be a few light bulb moments here. 
This week sets you up for success!
Week 1
Protein & Veg
It's easier focusing on what to eat, rather than what not to eat.  We'll learn about protein and veg and try to eat more!
This week builds the absolute fundamentals.
Week 2
Carbs & Fats
No need to cut either fats or carbs out.  You'll learn how to enjoy them in the right portions!
This week will improve your relationship with food
Week 3
Energy Density
Did you know that a Tbs of natural peanut butter has more energy than 2 slices of bread?
This week shows you how to make smart swaps!
Week 4
Tracking Macronutrients
You'll learn how to self-regulate and reach your goals eating the foods you enjoy at the times you like! 
This week shows you how to ensure results!
Week 5
Changing Habits
If bad habits are bringing you un-stuck, we'll show you the psychology behind changing them!
This week helps you understand yourself!
Week 6
Dealing With Cravings
Cravings can often be our undoing when, especially if they make us lose control.
This week will show you how to take control of cravings!
Week 7
Eating & Mindfulness
You may not realise it, but eating whilst multi-tasking can often be your downfall.
This week we'll unlock the power of mindful eating.
Week 8
Revising the Fundamentals
Fallen off track during the challenge?  This week will ensure you still finish on a high!
This week we'll revise everything you learned in bite size bits!
Learn the tools to achieve results whilst enjoying the process!
If you don't enjoy the process, you won't keep the results.  That's why we're going to teach you how to build dietary habits that you actually enjoy following.
What Others Have to Say
Check out what Ben and Karen had to say after finishing the challenge...
"Absolutely loved it, although I fell off the band wagon a couple of times, I still managed to put key strategies together and achieve my goal of dropping 4kg.  I think the challenge was well priced and has given me some invaluable tools to help maintain my body composition in the future. Thanks a million Alex, love your work!"
NSW, Australia
"I wish I had done it sooner! The group challenge felt like a good option for me, being in a group of people with all the same goals and encouraging changes and sharing tips. Alex gives practical advice that you can adapt to your lifestyle, and has a focus of the week, so it isn’t just one massive change, it is each week changing a lifestyle habit and setting yourself up for the future."
Karen M
NSW, Australia
Lock in your spot!
Pricing Plans
The first week is free!  There's nothing to pay today, just lock in your spot by selecting the option that best suits and use the code "2020" at  checkout to wipe the first weeks fee!
for those who are self-motivating 
Group Coaching
Weekly Nutrition Video Lessons & Challenges
Daily Emails

Super Supportive
for those who need personalised support
Group Coaching +
3 x Consultations

Weekly Nutrition Video Lessons & Challenges

Daily Emails
Premium Support
for those who need maximum support & accountability 
Group Coaching +
5 x Consultations

Weekly Nutrition Video Lessons & Challenges
Daily Emails
Here's What The Super Supportive Plan
Also Includes!
3 x Consultations
Available both in person and online, the 3 x 45 minute consults help us get a real understanding of your biggest barriers to achieving your goals, so we can overcome them. It also adds that extra accountability!  
Dietary Analysis
By first analysing your current diet with our clinical nutrition software, we can see what you're already doing well, and then identify what parts we need to fix.   This means no cookie cutter changes.
Personalised Meal Plan
Your meal plan is designed for you to improve you, based around your lifestyle requirements.  Whether you want to eat vegetarian, keto, fast, or graze, we'll personalise the plan to suit!
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